Three Verses for National Poetry Month

April brings a lot of beauty. This month rings in celebrations and commemorations of jazz, kindness to animals—and poetry. To mark the month, I wanted to share some of my favorite verses. See what you think. Then send me your favorites, too. Please! “To those born later,” Bertolt Brecht Hatred, even of meanness,Contorts the features.Anger,Continue reading “Three Verses for National Poetry Month”

Finally, a Feminist Beat Story

Photo by Gloria Graham via Wikimedia Commons Diane di Prima was among the famous Beat poets—but somehow, being the only woman, didn’t become famous until about a month ago. No need to ask why you’ve never heard of her. Ever read the Beats? I have—since the Beats feature in my autobiographical novel, 44 Horatio Street,Continue reading “Finally, a Feminist Beat Story”

In Search of Berthe Morisot

I assume most of you don’t know the name Berthe Morisot—although she does appear in my book, The Road Not Taken, in a scene where she discusses her own invisibility in history. During Women’s History Month, I want to do my own part to make artists like her visible again.