Mapping the Road Not Taken: The Nearest Department Store Cosmetics Counter

Buy a copy of The Road Not Taken, and then tell me about it on social media @SusanRubin1 on Twitter or @SusanRubinWriter on Instagram. Send a screenshot of the receipt, a photo of the book on your table—anything! Show me the book. In return, I have a mysterious gift to offer with that purchase. (The gift is not lipstick, but it is fun!)

Mapping the Road Not Taken: Yoruba Priestesses, Chibok Schoolgirls, and the Human Spirit

The human spirit is the strongest force on Earth. When it is raised in a harmonious way, when it is used to right an injustice, there is no armament that can fell it.

Mapping the Road Not Taken: My Cousin Vinny’s House in Arles

Have you ever wished you could go to another time and space—a different century, country, someplace unknown, maybe unreal? I have. That’s why my protagonist in “The Road Not Taken” walks right into a Van Gogh painting.

Mapping the Road Not Taken: Three German Words That Threatened Women’s Freedom

There’s a lot about Weimar in The Road Not Taken. (There’s even an excerpt of some of those chapters up at Ms. magazine!) To this day, I haven’t seen an environment in which women were so free—and I grew up in Greenwich Village. This brings me to today’s magical question: What three words define your freedom?

Mapping the Road Not Taken: Four Egyptian Myths and a Second Chance at Life

Egyptian mythology says that your heart gets weighed against a feather when you die. I like that. You get judged for what you did with the lifetime you just lived. That brings me to today’s magical question: What is the life you’re waiting to live—and when will you begin allowing yourself to live it?

Midwest Book Review on “The Road Not Taken”: “Exceptionally Entertaining,” “Impressive Original,” “Distinctively Crafted”

Mary Cowper of Midwest Book Review called “The Road Not Taken” an “impressively original, engagingly compelling, and exceptionally entertaining” book.