In Search of Berthe Morisot

I assume most of you don’t know the name Berthe Morisot—although she does appear in my book, The Road Not Taken, in a scene where she discusses her own invisibility in history. During Women’s History Month, I want to do my own part to make artists like her visible again.

About That “Last” Anniversary of Roe…

Happy Anniversary to Roe v Wade. (One that some experts warn could be the last.) I wonder if shouting that is an exercise in despair? Despair hidden as denials, guesses about how bad SCOTUS’s decision will be, despair that the current law in Texas allows no abortion even in cases of rape or incest? HowContinue reading “About That “Last” Anniversary of Roe…”

‘Tis the Season: Five Books to Give to Your Feminist Friends

Here we are, comfortably situated between the end of Channukah and the Twelve Days of Christmas. Being with friends, eating, drinking and helping each other through the fact that the darkness comes over us at three in the afternoon this time of year means so much to me during the holidays—but this year, gatherings areContinue reading “‘Tis the Season: Five Books to Give to Your Feminist Friends”

Hanukkah, Humanity, and Our Power to Find Joy—and Fight for Progress

During this time in which we come together to remember what we have survived, and celebrate the light that never goes out inside all of us, I have been picturing a celebration, a coming together of us, that I know is worth saving, fighting for, striving for. As the children call up to their home in mid winter darkness, these humans get to see that our world is still powerful and full of joy and definitely capable of change…