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Praise for The Road Not Taken

Midwest Book Review: “Exceptionally Entertaining,” “Impressive Original,” “Distinctively Crafted”; Absolutely Fascinating,” “An Extraordinary Treat

Not Another Book Review: “As a female epic heroine, [Rubin’s] Deborah beats even Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.”

Ms. Magazine: The Road Not Taken is many things… but most importantly, it is a novel that calls on its readers to envision new worlds.”

Booklist Online: “…a coming-of-age story for a woman entering mid-life with nothing to hold her back from what she might become.


Virtual Book Tour Clips

“I am still very lost in the haze of the book. I keep it on my desk and can easily get lost in the story if I open it and read. I am often surprised by something that happens in the book although I have read it many times.” — Supernatural Central Interview

“You write because you want to speak to people. You write to describe how you see the world. You have to believe this is important, and worth all the ups and downs that every artist, and in fact, every human being encounters.” — JB’s Bookworms Interview

“When I told the story in the book, there were none of the limits of picturing something being staged or recorded. So I could fly my character through Time and Space, introduce her to historical figures, some of them real, some of them mythic. I could let her visit dead loved ones who she could re-connect with for a short time. As long as I didn’t bore myself, I could be hopeful that my audience wouldn’t be bored.” — Paranormalists Interview