Vote! Then Keep Writing.

It’s taking a lot to get through today… but the writing helps. (So does the screaming.)

I am writing a book about the Voodou Queen of New Orleans, Marie La Veau, who was a powerful figure in Louisiana during the era of enslavement. Not many know she ran an Underground Railroad from there to California—used her own money, bought women who had been enslaved, freed them and sent them west to start brothels and saloons to make more money to free more women.

We need to tell these stories. We’re writers. Stories are life.

Marie La Veau and my protagonist are working to end slavery, oppression, discrimination. So are we. Vote for what’s written on the Statue of Liberty, vote even if you’re not sure about the Ballot Proposals. Vote because under our fears and surprises at some of the ugliness we’ve seen and heard, we know we can be a better country. And please send home the Senator who suggests cutting Social Security.

Deep inside I have a torch of Hope. Next to it are the quivering worms of sorrow and anger I feel that this great nation has been a podium for some disgusting language from some disgusting candidates. Writing will help me with what I assume will be great results with a consequent tsunami of right-wing folks running around yelling “hoax!’

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I have not been able to write since I lost my friend. Now I feel like I have to write for all of us. She’ll hear my words, wherever she is now.

We can speak to the people who haven’t paid enough attention: about what they eat, what they drink, what they pay for insulin. We can show people the truth, the sides to every story that are still hidden, the lives of the people who need justice.

We have the power! If we VOTE. And if we write, speak, and stay loud.

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