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Susan Rubin, Writer

VAGINA DIALOGUES: Women to Women News
“If you have a vagina, we want to dialogue with you!”

Vagina Dialogues

This comedic web series is about a beautiful young, feminist newscaster and her floozy sidekick who argue their way through topics like: Designer Vaginas, toe chopping to better fit into your Jimmy Choos, the appropriate use of anal beads, and police officers ejaculating on traffic violators!

These videos are based on blogs written for Ms. Magazine Blog. All information in them is true.

The first four episodes are now live!
Episode 1: 2-4-6-8 Let’s all go Re-virginate! You too can have a designer hymen to share with that special “him!” Better than golf clubs or a new tennis racket!

Episode 2: "Snippety Snip Snip, a feminist response to rape" in which the women discuss the ludicrous efforts to stop illegal drugs, at the same time that rape kits go untested, and rapists go un-prosecuted.
War on Drugs,1. War on Rape, 0.

Backstage with the cast at the red carpet screening. Interview with the creators of Vagina Dialogues.

Episode 3: Chopping for Choos: Women cut off toes for the shoes they love.
From over-tanning to wearing breast enhancements -- how far will YOU go to look like they tell you you should look?

Episode 4: Do feminists play with anal beads?
The moment when our Star Journalist realizes she is a Feminist. And of course, this includes the other characters having a CLICK MOMENT! when they discover anal beads!


Episode 5: COPPING A FEEL!
How police officers get away with sexually assaulting women at traffic stops! Keep your license and registration close at hand!

Our two lovelies are too hung over to sense the danger to Vagina Dialogues as the Boss from the NYC station shows up to take them down!